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Stock Market Belief.

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In this post stocklearner will guide you to how to start trading or investing successfully. All you have to do is dedicatedly learning from every post in upcoming days. Learning is the key to take control of your finances, and I’ll always be here to guide you throughout your journey.

Is stock market a gambling?   
The first question everyone ask if you ask them to invest or trade in the market is “ Is stock market a giant casino or like playing poker where you have a very little probability of winning ” ?

Now, I know that many people are afraid to invest or trade in market because they have listened how someone they know loose all his fortune in stock market and they become bankrupt. Well, I also have listened the same from my friends and family and they even told me to leave the stock market. But from my experience I can say that this is a popular myth among us.

According to me stock market performs a very crucial role in financial development of any country. If the people of a country take part in the stock market the country will grow financially. Now since people don’t have proper knowledge to invest in the market, they make a very big loss and even some of them go bankrupt. And therefore they tell other people not to invest in the market.

That’s how fear is spread among novice trader. But seriously let me ask you a simple question “ What it need to be successful in any field of life” ? Well, The answer is thirst of knowledge, practice and dedication. A doctor earns its degree by hard practice and learning over a long time. But in stock market people come with great expectations and they don’t want to learn anything. They only want shortcut to get rich quick. They go for searching some tips from various sources like brokers, advisors or a tip provider (I got so many calls from Bangalore who provide tips) or buy-sell software nowadays. These all software and tip providers make false promises and the person who got trapped in these get loss in trading or investment. And they never learn from their mistakes instead they blame stock market     
Hence, Our goal here at stocklearner is to learn how anyone can trade or invest profitably in the markets. Keep visiting to us. Wish you a very bright future.

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